Dementia Home Care

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Phoenix Valley Dementia Home Care Agency

Get the Best Care for Dementia Patients in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for quality, affordable home care for a loved one suffering from dementia? Call (480) 999-3012 and talk to one of our staff at Devoted Guardians. We are one of Arizona’s largest home care providers with personnel trained in dementia care. We offer daily 24-hour living assistance, including nighttime watch, and personal care.

How Do You Care For Someone With Dementia At Home?

There are 7 stages of dementia that makeup 4 main categories. As the disease progresses the symptoms change from each stage and the amount of support needed will increase. Caring for someone with dementia will depend on which stage of the disease they are in.

A loved one with dementia will need support in the home as the disease gets worse. Nursing homes are places no one really wants to be, and that’s why we have created a home care for dementia option that suits almost every aspects of daily living assistance.