“Black Lives Matter” Statement – Devoted Guardians

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. 4


I know this statement may be late in coming, but I needed the time to collect my thoughts and try to find the best way to articulate how I was feeling and how best to express our position.

We have been taught there is no place for politics in business and businesses should not be making political statements. While some may see this as a political issue and may believe this is an improper forum to comment, I believe wholeheartedly that this is a human rights issue and should not be interpreted as political. I hope and trust this will be read with that in mind.

I chose to enter the home care industry because it was a calling to help people. To protect people who may not have a local support system, loved ones looking out for them, and an option to remain home where they are most comfortable. This work, for me, is about love, respect, and dignity. It is very hard for me to reconcile our passion for caring and loving people no matter their race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation, and then not speak up for equality of others in all situations. That is not who I am and who I want to be.

When I started Devoted Guardians so many years ago, I did so with the intention to create equality, fairness, and opportunity for all in this company. I’ve always had the mindset that no matter what was going on in America or the world for that matter, that we should always try to model the good we would want to see and be a part of. As a company, we will continue to focus and work hard every day to live up to these ideals. I know we are not perfect people, no one is, but we will continue to listen, learn, and grow from our experiences with each other. Devoted Guardians will work to do our best to be part of the solution and advocate for the end of racism, intolerance, and prejudice.

Devoted Guardians unequivocally supports, and stands with the “Black Lives Matter” movement and to the end to brutality and the tragic loss of precious lives.


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Response to COVID-19

Devoted Guardians is actively monitoring the progression of the coronavirus, COVID-19, to ensure that we have the most accurate and latest information on the threat of the virus. As you know, this situation continues to develop rapidly as new cases are identified in our communities and our protocols will be adjusted as needed.

While most cases of COVID-19 are mild, causing only fever and cough, a very small percentage of cases become severe and may progress particularly in the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions. Because this is the primary population that Devoted Guardians serves, we understand your concerns and want to share with you how our organization is responding to the threat of COVID-19.

We are following updates and procedures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) State Department of Health, local and county authorities, the Home Care Association of America and other agencies and resources. Our response and plans may adjust according to the recommendations from these organizations.