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Why Is Your Elderly Loved One Engaging in Repetitive Actions and Behaviors?

Elder Care in Sun City AZ: Why Is Your Elderly Loved One Engaging in Repetitive Actions and Behaviors?

Elder Care in Sun City AZ: Why Is Your Elderly Loved One Engaging in Repetitive Actions and Behaviors?

Having your elderly loved one repeat an action over and over again can be disconcerting, to say the least. There’s almost always a reason for this, but it might be related to other health issues.

Memory Issues Can Play a Part

It’s entirely possible that your elderly loved one doesn’t remember that she just cleaned out her purse a few minutes ago. Because she doesn’t remember, she may sit there and remove everything and put it back several times in a row. If your loved one is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, her brain and how it functions is changing and causing memory problems for her.

Anxiety Can Drive Repetitive Behaviors

Another powerful motivator for repetitive actions is anxiety. This may exhibit more as fidgeting or other nervous behaviors. Your loved one may find that as your agitation increases due to her behaviors, she feels more anxious and keeps engaging in the behaviors. Depending on the cause of your loved one’s anxiety, medication could help or you might need to help her find soothing activities that are more comforting for her.

Other Mental Health Issues Play a Part

If your loved one has had issues with repetitive actions and behaviors all of her life, she may actually have OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Your loved one might have actual compulsions to engage in these repetitive activities, particularly a set number of times in a row. Many people with OCD engage in specific actions, such as washing their hands repetitively.

Talk to Her Doctor

Finding ways to help your loved one manage the underlying issues behind her repetitive actions can help her to let those habits go. In some cases, medication may help, while in others you and your loved one may need to learn other methods of coping in order to get the best results. Don’t forget to lean coping mechanisms that you can use, too, to help you when your loved one is having trouble.

Managing repetitive behaviors with your loved one can be difficult. If you need more help, consider hiring experienced elder care providers who can give you and your loved one tips and assistance.

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