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Who Pays for Respite Care?

Who Pays for Respite Care

Are you the primary caregiver of a family member and are considering getting respite care to provide some relief? Primary caregivers are often overworked, spending a majority of their time taking care of a loved one while often working full or part-time jobs in order to support themselves and their loved ones. This can often lead to burnout and health problems. Respite care can be a great way to take a breather and get a much-needed break.

That’s great and all, but how are you going to cover the costs of respite care? Who is going to pay for respite care? Well, there are a few different options, often different depending on where you live. First, you’ll likely want to start by contacting 2-1-1 for local respite care information. They may be able to point to in the right direction or at least give you a starting point.

Get to know your state and federal elder care offices. Most states have an elder care office that can provide information on state-funded programs. Arizona has some programs available to help cover the cost of respite care: click here for eligibility information.

Other Funding Options for Respite Care

If you can’t afford respite care, there may be some other funding opportunities that you could take advantage of. Firstly, if you are the primary caregiver for a family member and aren’t already receiving any payments for your services, you may want to look into getting paid to take care of your family member through Medicaid benefits. This could help bring in some extra income that could help cover the cost of respite care when you need a temporary break from caregiving.

Look into other state programs and funding options. Many states offer coverage through Medicaid and some caregiver support programs have funding. There may also be local community-based waivers available to help cover the cost of respite care.

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