Which Part of the Brain is Damaged in Paralysis?

Which Part of the Brain is Damaged in Paralysis?

A stroke or traumatic brain injury can lead to paralysis. This is because each side of the brain controls movement on the opposite side of the body. So, damage to the right hemisphere causes weakness and paralysis on the left side of the body, and vice versa.

The voluntary movement center of the brain is located in the motor cortex region of the cerebral cortex. It is the back part of the frontal lobe, in charge of planning and executing voluntary movement. As a result, paralysis can develop when this area of the brain is damaged.

Furthermore, the cerebellum, also known as the “little brain,” is a portion of the brain located toward the rear of the head where the spinal cord joins the brain. Because the cerebellum is also in charge of voluntary motor movement coordination, injury to this portion of the brain can result in uncoordinated movements, imbalance, speech issues, weak muscles, and other impairments in voluntary motions.


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