What Is the Difference Between Senior Living & Assisted Living?

What Is the Difference Between Senior Living & Assisted Living

Although both senior living and assisted living can help you live a good quality of life as you age, there are some differences between these two living arrangements.

Independent living communities do not provide nursing support or medical care, while assisted living focuses on supporting aging adults when and if they need it.

In assisted living communities, people live in their apartments or condos. Still, there is typically 24/7 assistance available with daily activities such as cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, bathing and grooming, medication management, and so forth. Assisted living offers medical support and staff to monitor and check in on residents.

Independent living, on the other hand, focuses on an active lifestyle and support. It is a helpful solution to people who no longer feel comfortable living alone but still can tend to their basic needs and ADLs.

Another option to consider is, of course, elder care in own home. Many seniors decide to age in place, not feeling comfortable leaving their homes. Home care for seniors involves services for maintaining independence and improving the quality of everyday life. Elderly care is tailored to meet an aging adult’s individual needs and can range from companionship to medication management and physical therapy.


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Vivian BlackJanuary 11, 2022 at 6:16 amReply

I love how you described senior living as a place that gives support to a lifestyle still full of activity. My parents are in the market for a place to live. It seems they have never been ill or incapacitated in their lives. They are still extremely active in the outside world. They are looking forward to getting to know others that are the same.

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