What is the Difference between a Caregiver and a Home Health Aide?

What is the Difference between a Caregiver and a Home Health Aide?

A skilled caregiver or a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and home health aide (HHA) provide companionship and personal care for patients, helping their clients with activities of daily living.

The critical difference between a certified nursing assistant and a home health aide involves their responsibilities medication-wise. While a home health aide can administer medication, the certified nursing assistant cannot do so.

Also, the CNA typically works in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other facilities, while the HHA usually provides care in the client’s home. CNAs can work in the patient’s home. However, home health aides don’t work in organizational healthcare settings.


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Amy SaundersDecember 9, 2022 at 3:08 amReply

Hold on! Did you just mention that home health aides can actually provide medications to the person they take care of? Wow, what a revelation. My neighbor would be excited if she knows about this because she’s going to be alone for the next two weeks since her son is on a business trip and she needs someone to monitor her daily food intake. I’ll share this info with her so she could hire suitable personnel to help her out.


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