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What Does “Discharge from the Hospital” Mean?

Discharge from Hospital

Discharge from a hospital involves a process of leaving the hospital after the treatment. You will be discharged from a hospital when you no longer need to receive inpatient treatment for your illness or injury. Nevertheless, your hospital discharge does not mean that you are fully healed or recovered. The hospital may discharge you to send you to another type of inpatient facility, or you may have to continue treatments at home.

After being discharged from the hospital, many people still need attention and care at home. A discharge planner at the hospital will coordinate the care you will need after you go home. They will provide the information on your illness or injury and inform you about the next steps to take, such as which medications you will need to take or how to care for a wound, for example.

The fundamental elements of a discharge plan involve:

  • Evaluation by qualified professionals
  • Discussion with the patient (or his/her representative) about his/her condition, types of care needed, information on meds and diet, etc.
  • Planning for home care or transfer to another facility
  • Determining whether caregiver education is needed
  • Arranging for the follow-ups
  • Referral to an appropriate home care agency or other relevant support in the community.


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