What Does a Hospice Home Health Aide Do?

Hospice Home Health Aide Do

Hospice home health aides carry out a care plan with other professionals to ensure that patients receive personalized one-on-one care to enjoy the quality of life nearing its end. While hospice aids work in collaboration with doctors, nurses, bereavement specialists, etc., they also work independently, providing regular visits, and bedside care for their patients.

Hospice health aides typically assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as:

  • Personal hygiene (bathing, dressing, hair care, oral care, etc.)
  • Feeding
  • Cooking
  • Shopping

They also perform light housekeeping duties. However, hospice aides provide much more than medical attention and housekeeping. They lend a listening ear and provide compassion and company during bedside visits. In short, hospice aides ensure patients are comfortable, making a difference in their patients’ lives at the end of life.

To become a hospice aide, you need to meet specific requirements:

  • Must have a Home Health Aide Certificate
  • Must have at least one year of experience in direct patient care
  • Must be able to travel
  • Must be comfortable dealing with end-of-life issues and grieving
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