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What Do Caregivers Do For The Elderly?

What Caregivers Do for Elderly

What Do Caregivers Do For The Elderly?

Caregivers are responsible for the physical care and emotional support of someone who can no longer care for them self due to illness, injury or disability. For the elderly, this is often due simply to getting older but may also be caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia. Caregivers provide different assistance depending on the needs of the elderly. Caregivers can be trained professionals or even family members.

The roles that a caregiver takes on is usually dependent on the severity of the elderly’s condition or their capabilities and needs. A caregiver may provide personal care to help with bathing, dressing, transferring, or eating. They may also just provide companionship or assistance with basic household activities, such as cleaning and cooking. If they suffer from dementia, additional assistance may be required such as scheduling and coordinating their day.

Providing Caregiver Services for the Elderly

You don’t have to be a trained professional or nurse to be a caregiver. Many caregivers of the elderly are their actual family members. This is especially the case when the older adult simply needs basic, non-medical assistance that doesn’t require training or certifications. There are even ways that family members can get paid for being a caregiver. That being said, many family caregivers often end up feeling overwhelmed or don’t have the necessary time needed to provide caregiving services as often as their senior loved ones need.

For those providing caregiving assistance to an elderly family member, there are other options to help take the burden off. You may want to look into respite care, which can help provide short term or temporary caregiver services for the elderly. Or consider hiring an in-home caregiver to provide part or full-time assistance while you are away or unavailable to help.

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