What Comes with Getting Older?

What Comes with Getting Older?

Changes in our bodies and minds are unavoidable as we age. Aside from wrinkles and gray hair, aging is inextricably linked to changes in every organ in our body.

  • Cardiovascular Health

Our blood vessels and arteries thicken as we age. This makes the heart work harder to circulate blood through them, and these changes increase the risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular issues.

To protect your cardiovascular health, stay active, eat healthily, and take good care of your emotional health – reduce stress and learn positive strategies to manage it (yoga, meditation, relaxation, counseling, spending time in nature, etc.).

  • Weight

Our metabolism (the body’s ability to burn calories) slows down as we become older. As we become older, we also tend to reduce our degree of physical activity. As a result, if you continue to eat the same way you did before, you may gain weight.

Stay active and include physical activity in your everyday routine to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, eat a well-balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, fiber, and protein, and avoid overly processed, empty-calorie meals as much as possible.

  • Bones and Muscles

Your bones tend to shrink in size and lose their density as you get older. These changes make them more fragile and easier to break. At the same time, your muscles might get weaker and less flexible, making it harder for you to stay balanced, coordinated, and stable.

To protect your bones and muscles, make sure to exercise regularly and take the right amounts of vitamin D and calcium.


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