Mom’s 4 Tips On Aging

4 aspect of moms life

Tips For Aging Senior Moms

Aging at home is what most seniors plan on. They don’t like the idea of moving to a new community. For many, this is possible. Even if mobility changes, a few home improvements make it possible to stay in the family home. If your mom wants to remain in her home, make sure you’ve considered these four aspects.


Your mom may still have a good circle of friends. If she doesn’t, make sure she has opportunities to socialize. Research finds that seniors who lack socialization can also deal with declining mental and physical health.

If she needs to enlarge her group of friends, a senior center is a good place to start. She can pay a small fee and enjoy a hot lunch each day or a few times a week. She can join her peers on group outings to beaches, museums, and theaters. She can attend a dance, fitness class, or crafting group.


Seniors can be trusting. If this describes your mom, make sure she’s safe in her home. Door-to-door, phone, and email scams are all possible. Set up her phone with anonymous or unknown caller blocking. Teach her how to avoid being scammed. Post notes near the phone and computer if she’ll need a reminder on how to handle a scam caller or email.

Install a video doorbell that notifies you when someone is at your mom’s door and allows you to talk to them from your phone. Set her up with an emergency personal alert system in case she falls or is sick and needs help.


Seniors tend to choose easy-to-cook or ready-to-eat meals. Frozen dinners, single-serve yogurts, takeout foods, and prepackaged sandwiches are popular items. They’re often high in sodium, sugar, and fat. They also may lack plenty of fresh vegetables and whole grains.

If your mom doesn’t like to cook, prepare meals that she can heat on the stove or in the microwave. Pots of minestrone soup, vegetable stew, and chicken and dumplings are possibilities. If she has a slow cooker, you can chop and package ingredients for soups and stews that she can take out and put into the slow cooker when she gets up.


Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. Your mom should mix up her activities to make sure all muscle groups get a workout. A few days a week she can take a walk. Once a week, she can use an elliptical machine. On another day, she can swim laps.

As she ages, your mom may struggle with household chores and daily activities of living and need senior care services. Senior care provide beneficial services like medication reminders, laundry, and assistance with grooming and bathing. Talk to our senior care agency to get answers to your questions.

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