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2018’s Here – Help Your Mom Make These Health-Focused Improvements

The New Year is the ideal time to make improvements in your life. Your mom’s health matters. She’s been talking about taking steps to change her health. Here are the health-focused improvements you can help her make this year.

Senior Care Scottsdale AZ - 2018's Here - Help Your Mom Make These Health-Focused Improvements

Senior Care Scottsdale AZ – 2018’s Here – Help Your Mom Make These Health-Focused Improvements

Simple Dietary Changes That Help

Seniors should make three changes to their diet. Cut the unnecessary fats, reduce sugar, and increase fiber. One of the best diets to follow is the Mediterranean Diet. It doesn’t keep your mom from having a glass of red wine with dinner. She’ll eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Seafood and lean proteins, especially poultry, are recommended.

To make the dietary changes satisfying and affordable, keep fresh herbs growing on the windowsill. Affordable dried beans are a great source of fiber and protein. Growing vegetables in an outdoor garden help keep grocery bills down, too.

Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress

Stress affects everyone. When stress never eases, it can impact your mom’s physical health. Excessive, chronic stress impacts sleep cycles and immunities. If your mom always feels stressed, she will benefit from relaxation techniques.

Deep breathing is one of the easiest activities to help ease stress. While laying on her back, your mom can put one hand on her chest and one on her belly. She wants to take a deep breath in through her nose and make sure the air goes down to the belly. The hand on her chest should stay still while the hand on the belly rises.

After taking a deep breath, your mom slowly counts to five and the slowly breathes it out through her mouth. Have her do this relaxation breathing technique for a quarter of an hour. She may end up falling asleep and that’s fine. A nap is another great way to relax.

Increase Social Activity

Many studies have found that loneliness and isolation impact both mental and physical health. Make sure your mom has a chance to get out and socialize with others from time to time. The local senior center is a great resource for social gatherings, events, and outings.

If your mom can drive, she’ll be able to drive herself to friends’ houses, area restaurants and stores, and parks. This makes it easy to join other seniors for field trips, fitness classes, art classes, and discussion groups.

A senior care provider also helps your mom stay active and social. Senior care professionals can drive your mom to local businesses. On days she wants to stay in, caregivers provide socialization and ease loneliness. Discover the full range of our senior care services in your area.

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