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How Can You Give Back Some Power and Control to Your Elderly Loved One?


Senior Care in Sun City AZ: How Can You Give Back Some Power and Control to Your Elderly Loved One?

The idea of giving some power and control back to their elderly loved one seems counterintuitive to some family caregivers. If their loved one could make more decisions, she wouldn’t need a caregiver, right? But the truth is that your loved one can still have some say in what happens, even if it’s just a little.


Hand Over Some Decisions

If you look objectively at the situation, are there some decisions that your loved one could make for herself? Assuming the answer is yes, turn those decisions back over to her. You might not make some of the same decisions as she might, but the fact of the matter is, as long as her safety isn’t in question, she can make them herself.


Make Choices Easy for Your Loved One

For some elderly loved ones, making the decision is easier if the choices are limited. This is especially the case if your loved one has dementia because choices can be overwhelming. Opt to give your loved one a decision that consists of only two choices. This gives the power of the decision to her without being overwhelming because there are too many options.


Let Your Loved One Do What She Can

It’s definitely possible to take over too much for your elderly loved one. It’s also good for your loved one to continue to do for herself what she can do. That allows her to feel empowered and as if she still has some independence, even if she’s had to turn over some of her life to your care. Talk to your loved one about what she wants to do on her own and when she truly needs extra help. You might even develop a code that she can use to let you know to take over.


This Helps You, Too

Believe it or not, turning some decisions back over to your elderly loved one helps you, as well. Being a caregiver is overwhelming and all-encompassing. Having some items taken off of the list you need to worry about is wonderful for you. You might even start to realize that you can take time away from caregiving, even if you hire senior care providers just in case.

Caregiving is all about making sure that your loved one is safe and comfortable without taking too much away from her.

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