Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Nursing Home

Nursing Home

Here are some things to consider when choosing a nursing home facility for your loved one:

  • Is the specific nursing home Medicare certified (passed an inspection conducted by a state government agency)?
  • Is the nursing home licensed in your state?
  • Are there resident policies my loved one must follow?
  • Will my loved one still be able to see their doctor?
  • Does the staff treat residents friendly and with respect?
  • Does the nursing home have policies of prohibiting and reporting neglect and abuse?
  • Does the nursing home run background check to ensure they don’t hire staff with a history of neglect or mistreatment of residents?
  • How does the nursing home respond to concerns about the abuse that are reported?
  • Does the nursing home look clean?
  • Are residents clean, well-groomed, and appropriately dressed?
  • Does the nursing home have a pleasant temperature and good lighting?
  • Are exits from the nursing home adequately marked?
  • Does the nursing home have smoke detectors?
  • Are all the areas of the nursing home wheelchair-accessible?
  • Are there grab bars and handrails in all bathrooms and hallways?
  • Is the furniture in the nursing home comfortable?
  • Does the nursing home provide for special dietary needs and nutritious snacks?
  • Does the staff assist the residents in eating and drinking?
  • Is there a licensed nursing staff available 24/7?
  • Can residents keep their personal belongings in their rooms?
  • Is there access to the internet, phone, or television?
  • What activities are available to residents?
  • Are there outdoor areas in the nursing home for residents to use?
  • Are visitors allowed at any time?
  • Is there cultural or religious support provided at the nursing home?
  • Does the nursing home have a particular unit for patients with dementia?
  • Does the nursing home have policies and procedures related to the care of patients with dementia?

Considering home care instead? See our article on why you should use home care instead of a nursing home. And here is a list of the 20 Questions to Ask A Home Care Agency Before Hiring Them


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