Is 60 Years Old Considered Elderly?

Is 60 Years Old Considered Elderly?

Since life expectancy is increasing in people worldwide and age definition becoming a moving target, you may wonder what makes you elderly. Are you old at 60? Can you be considered a senior citizen if you still work? And what is the borderline between middle age and old age?

It is impossible to give matter-of-fact answers to these questions. Whether 60 years of age is considered elderly may depend on several factors.

While in most countries people attain legal adulthood at 18 (at 18, you can vote, get married, or buy a house), there is no universally accepted standard regarding the age at which people become elderly.

However, in most industrialized countries, the onset of old age is considered to be around 60 to 65. In the U.S, this is the age when society commonly considers you elderly because this is when most Americans stop working and become eligible for age-based assistance programs.


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Joseph J DiBenedettoJuly 6, 2022 at 6:28 amReply

I am working with a lady who is 78 years. Tries to cover her age by dying her hair from Black to orange. Wears fake finger nails. She wears stupid looking hats when she is to lazy to wash her hair. By the way she was born March 16th 1944 during the days of Franklin D Roosevelt and Eleanore Roosevelt. When her birthday arrives, she gets mad at us when we wish her happy Birthday. I don’t think she has ever had a birthday cake in her life. She has no grandchild as well

Can we force her to quit.


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