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How Much Is Home Care Per Hour?

Home Care Per Hour

The cost of home care can vary quite a bit, specifically geographically and by services needed. If you are looking into getting home care for a parent or loved one who is homebound and needs assistance or companionship, you’ll likely want to start by checking the prices in your local area. While the average cost of a home caregiver is $19/hour, it can often be close to $30/hour. In some areas, you may find the cost much lower if there’s more availability, like metro cities.

The hourly cost for home care can also vary depending on the services needed. For instance, hands-off services like housekeeping, cooking, and running errands usually cost close to the average. Hands-on services like bathing, transferring assistance, toileting, or nursing will usually come closer to the higher end of the hourly cost average.

Should you decide to hire a caregiver independently, you will want to negotiate the hourly wage with them. Keep in mind, you may find it difficult to find reliable, experienced caregivers should you offer lower than the average pay.

Paying for Home Care

Covering the costs of home care can sometimes be difficult, especially if your parent or loved one needs round-the-clock care. If you have been caring for them but are having trouble financially because of it, you may want to look into options where you can be paid as their caregiver. You may be able to supplement some of your income by getting paid through Medicaid as the primary caregiver for him or her. Medicaid could also pay for home care through an agency.

Your parent or loved one may also qualify for Medicare or state-funded programs that would provide financial assistance in covering the costs of home care. Many families also find that they can reduce the costs of home care by hiring a caregiver for only a few hours a day rather than full-time when possible.

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