How Much Does In Home Care Cost Per Hour?

How Much Does In Home Care Cost Per Hour

If you have been caring for a parent or a loved one at home and have gotten to a place where you find you need help, you may be considering home health care services. Whether your loved one needs specialized care, you don’t have the time need to be there for them as often as they need, or you just simply need a break, in-home care may be a smart choice.

Not sure you can afford in-home care? If you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to cover the costs of home care you may want to first determine if your loved one qualifies for Medicare to cover the costs.

How Much In-Home Care Costs

The cost of in-home health care can vary, especially geographically. There are also other variables that can affect the cost as well. The services required and level of skill and experience can affect the average cost. In Phoenix, Arizona, in-home care services tend to average between $20 and $28 per hour depending on skill, services needed, and which agency you choose.

As with most services, you tend to get what you pay for. For instance, depending on the hiring process and requirements, an agency’s prices could be higher or lower. A home care services provider, like Devoted Guardians, that has a more stringent hiring process to ensure the highest quality care will tend to cost more than those who have a more lenient hiring process.

Carefully screened caregivers, with experience and proper credentials, ensures reliable care that you can trust. Hiring the best caregivers, though, usually requires a home care provider to charge more than the agencies who hire caregivers with little to no experience.

Get Assistance from the Leading Home Care Providers in Phoenix, AZ

Having trouble caring for a loved one? Call (480) 999-3012 and talk to one of our staff at Devoted Guardians. We are one of Arizona’s largest home care providers and offer daily 24-hour living assistance, including nighttime watch and personal assistance.

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