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How Much Does A Full-Time Caregiver Cost?

Full-Time Caregiver Cost

Whether it’s for companionship or personal services, like cleaning and dressing, having a caregiver can be very beneficial for elders who are homebound. Home care focuses mainly on day-to-day activities for general life maintenance. If your parent or loved one is unable to care for themselves or simply needs assistance with day-to-day tasks, then a caregiver may be just what they need.

So how much does a full-time caregiver cost? The price can vary geographically and whether the caregiver is required to possess any special skills but the average cost for a home caregiver is $21 an hour. That comes out to $840 for a 40-hour support week. In some areas, the cost per hour can reach $30 or more per hour. The cost will vary by state and services needed so you may want to research the average prices in your local area.

What Can Change the Cost of Home Care?

As previously mentioned, the cost of home care can vary by state but it also depends on the services needed and the schedule. Holidays, special events or outings, overtime and weekends can all affect the cost of home care. Most specifically though, are the qualifications and services needed. A caregiver who provides hands-off care usually costs less than one who provides hands-on care. The difference between the two outlined below:

Hands-Off Home Care Examples

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Running Errands

Hands-On Home Care Examples

  • Bathing & Dressing Assistance
  • Exercise Assistance
  • Drawing Blood & Other Health Services

Qualification requirements can also affect the cost of a full-time home caregiver. If they are required to have training in Dementia care, nursing experience or certifications, that can increase the cost.

Get Full-Time Home Care from the Leading Home Care Providers in Phoenix, AZ

Need assistance caring for a parent or loved one at home? Call (480) 999-3012 and talk to one of our staff at Devoted Guardians. We are one of Arizona’s largest home care providers and offer daily 24-hour living assistance, including nighttime watch and personal assistance.



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