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How Much Do You Pay A Caregiver Overnight?

Pay A Caregiver Overnight

If you’ve been recently considering hiring an overnight caregiver to help care for an aging loved one, you likely have wondered what you should pay them. It’s a common question that people have when hiring an overnight caregiver. If the caregiver is sleeping during the night but has to get up 3 or 4 times, should you pay them for the time they’re actually up or the full night? Should you pay them less per hour because they aren’t working the whole time?

To give you an idea of how much to pay, the average overnight caregiver’s wage is between $12 to $15 per hour. That being said, if certain skills are required, like a skill in Dementia or nursing expertise, you would likely need to pay them much more.

Paying an Independent Caregiver for Overnight Care

If you decide to hire an independent caregiver you will need to come to an agreement with them on how much to pay them for their services – as opposed to going through an agency which would have their own set prices. While some individuals may choose to pay their overnight caregivers only during the hours they are awake or performing tasks or assistance, it’s generally recommended to pay a set rate.

Overnight caregivers need to be available at all hours in case of emergencies or needed assistance and therefore should be paid for the entire night, not just the hours they are awake.

Hiring an Overnight Caregiver Through a Home Care Agency

There are certainly differences between hiring independently and hiring a caregiver through a home care agency. If you hire someone independently you could probably save a few bucks on lower wages but there are some risks. With a reputable home care agency, like Devoted Guardians, you can rest assured the caregiver is reliable and trustworthy. A good agency performs extensive background checks, reviews references, requires CPR/First Aid certifications, rigorous training, drug screening, and more.

If you are trusting the care of a parent or loved one to someone for overnight care you should know whether or not you can fully trust them. So, while you may save a few dollars with an independent caregiver, you would likely be giving up a lot, including your peace of mind. If you are in need of an overnight caregiver, check with your local home care providers to find out how much they charge and be sure to ask about the requirements they have for hiring their caregivers.

Get Assistance From one of the Leading Home Care Providers in Phoenix, AZ

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