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How Do You Qualify for Respite Care?

How To Qualify Respite Care

Respite care is a temporary or short-term care service that helps give caregivers a break when needed. It allows family caregivers to take time away from caring for their family members.

Respite care is available to anyone who needs it and is provided by most home care providers as well as some senior home facilities and nursing homes.

Qualifying for state-funded respite care has different requirements in each state. To be eligible for respite care in Arizona through the State’s Family Caregiver Support Program, you should meet one of the following:

  • Family caregivers providing care for individuals age 60 or older;
  • Family caregivers providing care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, regardless of age; or
  • Grandparents and other relative caregivers (not parents) 55 years of age and older providing care to children under age 18; or
  • Grandparents, parents, and other relative caregivers 55 years of age and older providing care to adults ages 18-59, with disabilities, to whom they are related by blood, marriage, or adoption.
  • Tribal Organizations can set a lower age than 60 for members to be considered as elders eligible for services.

Qualifying for Medicaid waivers for respite care will differ by state and program. Available in Arizona under the AZ Health Care Cost Containment System.

Getting Respite Care for Your Loved One

If you are the primary caregiver for a family member and are feeling burned out, respite care is a great way to give you a break. It is a more affordable option than a full-time senior care facility or nursing home. As a caregiver for a family member, you may also be eligible to get paid through Medicaid for your services as a caregiver. This can help supplement any income that you may not be able to receive while spending all of your time as a caregiver instead of a full-time job.

If you are being paid through Medicaid as a primary caregiver for a family member and need some time off, respite care would be the best solution. Respite care wouldn’t interfere with you continuing to qualify as a primary caregiver as it is only short-term, temporary relief.

Learn About Respite Care from the Leading Home Care Providers in Phoenix, AZ

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