How Do I Keep My Grandma Happy and Healthy?

How Do I Keep My Grandma Happy and Healthy?

Eating healthily and staying socially engaged and physically active are essential to maintaining optimism and good health as we age. To keep your grandma happy and healthy, try some of the following activities:

· Play Brain Games Together

Brain games like Sudoku or memory games can prevent the cognitive impairment associated with dementia or slow the progression of symptoms.

· Encourage Your Grandmother to Stay Active

Even if her mobility is limited, there are specific exercises she can do daily to stay healthy.

· Meditate with Your Grandma

Studies show that mindfulness exercise increases resilience and reduces stress. It can also help your grandma with negative thoughts linked to anxiety and depression, increase her optimism, and relax.

· Encourage Your Grandma to Eat Healthily

A diet rich in various nutritious foods is essential at any age. However, eating healthily can promote healthy aging. Encourage your grandma to eat many veggies, fruits, and whole grains. A healthy diet for the elderly should also include daily servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy, fish, eggs, and lean meat.

At the same time, your grandma should avoid processed foods and foods loaded with sugar and empty calories.

· Do Some Gardening Together

Tending to a garden can keep your grandma occupied while she spends time in the fresh air.


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