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What Options Do You Have if a Loved One Won’t Stop Driving?

It’s a terrifying feeling to know that your elderly family member shouldn’t be driving and yet continues to do so. So what can you do about it when your senior won’t listen to you about not driving?

Homecare Glendale CA - What Options Do You Have if a Loved One Won't Stop Driving?

Homecare Glendale CA – What Options Do You Have if a Loved One Won’t Stop Driving?

Talk to Her Calmly and Openly

You may have already tried talking to your aging family member about this issue, but it’s time to give it one more opportunity. Sit down with her and calmly let her know that you’re scared for her when she’s on the road. Be extremely open and direct about what exactly makes you worried and what you fear could happen. Keep the focus on her safety and don’t let her laugh away your concerns.

Talk with Her Doctor about the Risk

Some aging adults don’t want to follow advice unless it comes from a medical professional. Toward that end, you might want to start enlisting the help of your senior’s doctor. Let her doctor know what you’ve witnessed, what you’re concerned about, and what your senior has to say. One conversation with her doctor may do far more than you expect it to do.

Disable the Vehicle

If she’s still driving after you’ve brought in her doctor, it might be time to start disabling the car. The problem with this option is that your senior may find ways around this quite easily. It can also backfire from the standpoint that it damages her trust in you as her caregiver. Disabling the car itself might be a last resort option.

Set up Alternatives that Can’t Be Ignored

Some alternative transportation options rely on your senior contacting someone to request assistance with a trip. If she’s willing to do this, they’re very useful options. In this case, however, she’s probably not going to set up those requests. Hiring homecare providers to be there when you can’t be gives your senior an alternative transportation option that she cannot ignore. Having a driver from a homecare provider right there takes away her argument that she didn’t have time to wait for someone to come get her.

Ignoring this situation won’t make it go away. You can’t simply give up on this one until you have a solution.

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