How Home Care Could Simplify Your Morning Routine

Simplify Morning Routine

Sherry was running late again. She needed to get her two children ready for school, making sure they had breakfast and all of their books were in their backpacks. She also needed to get dressed and ready for work, hair, makeup, heels—the works.

At the same time, she was responsible for making sure her elderly mom was also set for the day. Since her mom had arthritis and often had trouble getting dressed, Sherry usually had to help her mom fasten the buttons and zippers on her clothing. She also needed to make sure her mom had some breakfast and was comfortably seated in her chair for her morning game shows before she left for work. As a result, Sherry was usually exhausted by the time she got to work, and sometimes she was late.

Sound familiar? If so, home care could help you to simplify your morning routine, leaving you more time to focus on yourself and your children. So, picture this as your morning routine instead:

Your alarm goes off and you get up. You walk to the kitchen in your robe and slippers and start the coffee maker. While you’re sitting at the table drinking coffee in the quiet of your house, there’s a soft knock on the door and your mom’s home care provider comes in. She greets you with a smile and heads toward your mom’s bedroom. The rest of your morning is spent helping your children get breakfast and preparing for your day. The homecare provider handles all your mom’s needs so that all you need to do is kiss her goodbye while she sits snugly in her chair with a cup of tea.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? If you’re wondering what else a home care provider can do for your parent, here’s just a few ways they can make your morning easier:

  • Home care providers can help older adults to dress, regardless of how much help is needed. Even if your parent is bed-ridden, a homecare provider can help them to change into clean clothing.
  • Home care providers can assist seniors with grooming tasks, like bathing, shaving, and combing their hair. They can even assist elderly women with applying makeup.
  • Home care providers can prepare breakfast. If your parent requires assistance to eat, they can help with that, too.
  • Home care providers can help your parent to safely use the bathroom, ensuring they do not fall.
  • Home care providers can make sure your parent has everything they need nearby so they can sit comfortably and enjoy the quiet of the morning, watching the news, reading a book, or just enjoying a hot beverage.

You may feel like you have to do everything in the morning, but you don’t. Hiring a home care provider can make your mornings less stressful, and you’ll know that your parent is getting great care. Home care providers can come to the house at any time of the day, even to help put your parent to bed at night.

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