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Could Volunteering Improve the Mental Health of Older Adults?

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Becoming a regular volunteer in one’s community is not only good for the soul, but can also be great for the mental health of elderly adults through constant social interactions. Think about it – Home-Care-in-Scottsdale-AZpeople who live with family members or work outside of the home are constantly faced with socialization opportunities. But what about seniors who live by themselves? Chances are they do not see other people every day, which could cause them to become isolated and possibly depressed.

Even if the elderly adult has mobility issues or other health problems that make it difficult to do activities outside of the house, there are other jobs they can do that are just as important in the volunteering community. With the help of a home care provider, the elder can answer phones, plant a garden, clean up local parks, or do other activities that will help them leave their mark and make their neighborhood a cleaner, better place.

There are a number of other ways volunteering is good for the health of seniors beyond just the social interactions they will receive.

  • Provides a sense of accomplishment. Knowing they did something good for others can fill seniors with pride. In fact, one study found that adults over the age of 65 improved their physical and mental health because of this sense of accomplishment.
  • Sense of purpose. For most elderly adults who had careers or families to take care of, it can be challenging finding their purpose in life as they get older. Becoming a volunteer can give them back their sense of purpose.
  • Improves life satisfaction. Sadly, some older adults fall into a depression, especially when living alone and having no one to keep them company. Volunteering can give them back the fulfillment they were missing.
  • Increased socialization. As previously mentioned, volunteering is a great way to mingle with others in the community, possibly building friendships that will last a lifetime. If your loved one is in need of a companion, this may be the place to find that special someone.
  • Boosts life expectancy. Believe it or not, volunteering can actually help seniors live longer. Data was analyzed by the Longitudinal Study of Aging, which discovered that 16 percent of the respondents who were over the age of 70 were less likely to have died by 1988 than those who did not volunteer.

Volunteering can do wonderful things for the mind and body of people of all ages, including seniors. Research local volunteering opportunities in your loved one’s area in order to find one that will accommodate the elder’s physical limitations.

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