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Separating Fibromyalgia Myths from Fact

When someone is diagnosed with fibromyalgia, they may be confused about the condition. They may have heard things about the disease that simply aren’t true. Fibromyalgia is not a disease that is well understood by most people. It can be hard to separate the myths from the facts.

Below are some of the common myths about fibromyalgia – and the facts.

Elder Care Chandler AZ - Separating Fibromyalgia Myths from Fact

Elder Care Chandler AZ – Separating Fibromyalgia Myths from Fact

Myth: Fibromyalgia Isn’t a “Real” Medical Condition

Fact: Many people think that fibromyalgia exists only in the person’s head. In other words, they think it’s not real. This myth may stem from the fact that fibromyalgia has been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until 1981 that research confirmed the symptoms of the disease. Since then, a great deal more research has taken place. Scientists have determined that people with fibromyalgia feel pain more than those without the condition, even when pain is at a lower level. They’ve also found that brain imaging shows fibromyalgia patients have more brain activity in reaction to pain.

Myth: Not Many People Have Fibromyalgia

Fact: Between 5 and 10 million people in the United States have fibromyalgia. It affects up to 4 percent of the world’s population.

Myth: Only Women Get Fibromyalgia

Fact: It is true that more women than men are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Women make up about 80 percent of those diagnosed with the disease. However, men are also diagnosed with the condition. Interestingly, though, experts have found that women who have been diagnosed tend to have more severe symptoms and experience pain more intensely than men with the disease.

Myth: There’s No Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Fact: The fact is that there is no cure for fibromyalgia, but treatment is available. The condition takes time to diagnose, so sometimes just receiving a diagnosis is a relief to fibromyalgia sufferers. Once they know what they have, they can begin making changes to improve symptoms. There are prescription medications available for symptom relief. In addition, doctors may recommend lifestyle changes and alternative therapies, such as massage or acupuncture.

If you have an older adult family member with fibromyalgia, consider hiring an elder care provider to come to their home and assist them. An elder care provider can allow the person to rest on days when their symptoms are bad. Elder care providers can perform household tasks, like cleaning, cooking, laundry, and more. They can also remind the elder to take medications prescribed by the doctor.


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