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Does Medicare Cover In-Home Care For Dementia Patients?

Does Medicare Cover Dementia Home Care

Medicare does not cover long-term home care but may cover up to 100 days of home nursing care for patients, age 65 and older, suffering from dementia. In end-stage dementia when the patient is determined by a doctor to be in their final days, Medicare will cover some or all of the costs of in-home hospice care. Medicare may also cover some costs involved with inpatient hospital care for those suffering from dementia.

For the most part, only patients in serious condition will be eligible for Medicare coverage while suffering from dementia. If you have a family member or loved one who has dementia and needs assistance at home, you may want to look into other state or federally funded programs that help cover the costs of home care. Medicaid, for instance, may provide assistance depending on your state’s requirements.

Applying for Medicare

If you feel you, or your loved one should be eligible for Medicare, you can apply for benefits by visiting Depending on eligibility, your family member or loved one who is suffering from dementia may get assistance with in-home care through Medicare.

Since Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care or home care for those not requiring medical care, to get assistance with coverage you will need to seek out other programs. Many states have programs available to help cover some or all of the costs associated with home care for dementia patients and there are also some federally funded programs as well. Many counties also have elder daycare programs available at low or no cost.

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