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Senior Care in Scottsdale AZ

Skin Care for Diabetics

Senior Care in Scottsdale AZ: Diabetes is a complicated disease that can affect multiple areas of the body. One complication of diabetes that many diabetics deal with are skin problems. Diabetes causes dry skin because when the body’s glucose levels are high, the body loses fluids. When that happens, skin can become dry, itchy, and cracked. Unfortunately, high sugar levels also produce excellent conditions for bacteria and fungus to grow, which means that a diabetic’s dry skin can also lead to infections.

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Seniors and Back Pain – What You Need to Know


Senior Care in Scottsdale AZ: Many seniors may complain of back pain, but simply aging is not usually the only cause. In fact, back pain has many different causes and some aren’t as obvious as others. If your senior loved one is suffering from consistent back pain that ranges from mild to severe, it is a good idea for them to check in with their doctor and to eliminate some of these common causes of back pain:

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