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Why Do You Need a Caregiving Team for Your Senior?

You might not realize how important having a team of family and friends can be in order to make your caregiving journey a success, but it is. Having a team enables you to call on people with the right skills as soon as a need pops up.

Caregiver Sun Lakes AZ - Why Do You Need a Caregiving Team for Your Senior?

Caregiver Sun Lakes AZ – Why Do You Need a Caregiving Team for Your Senior?

You Can’t Do it All Alone

As much as you think you can handle everything that your aging adult needs on your own, that’s really not the case. Even with all of your time and energy devoted to being a caregiver, you’re still only one person and you do need time away that is just for you. So having a team enables you to share responsibilities and tasks much more readily.

Enlist the Help of Family Members Living Elsewhere

If you have family members who live farther away, they may feel as if they can’t help on a daily basis. But there are some things that they can still do that can help you. They may be able to handle research for you or make phone calls that you’re too busy to do. Figure out together how they can still help, even from where they are.

Keep Lists to Make Delegating Easier

Caregiving can be fast and furious, so things that you think you’ll remember will definitely slip through your memory. This is why taking notes and making lists can be so helpful for you. At a glance, you can tell who was responsible for what tasks, what still needs to be done, and who is available to help you.

Schedule Meetings to Update Everyone

Keeping everyone on the care team updated regularly is a key component to getting the help that you need. If you don’t update the team, they may start assuming that you don’t need anything. This is a perfect opportunity to share the challenges that you and your senior are facing and what they can do to help as much as possible.

Your caregiving team may change over time, but having a system enables you to add and remove members as their own lives and ability to help changes.

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