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Can a Dementia Patient Live Alone?

Alzheimer's Patients Living Alone

Can a Dementia Patient Live Alone?

Living alone is usually fine for someone in the early stages of dementia but they will likely need assistance later on. Living in a place that is safe, familiar and comfortable is important to everyone, including people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. It is actually beneficial for them to continue living at home rather than moving to a nursing home or senior care facility where the environment and surrounding are unfamiliar to them.

It is often difficult to decide when a person is at too much risk to continue living alone. Each person’s living situation should be monitored and assessed carefully, as the disease progresses. They may begin to need assistance with certain tasks. So, while they may be fine living alone, they could still need some assistance from time to time. At this point, you may want to consider hiring a caregiver to provide assistance.

Helping a Dementia Patient Live Alone

Patients who have been diagnosed with a form of dementia often are able to live on their own for many years. A few things that you can do to help:

  • Speak to your local Dementia Society, community support agency or senior care worker about help with caregiving, meal preparation or transportation.
  • Leave a set of house keys with a trusted neighbor.
  • Use electrical appliances that shut off on their own.
  • Label cupboards with words or pictures that describe what is inside, for example, dishes, knives, and forks.
  • Leave written reminders like “turn off the stove” or “unplug the iron.” Place them where they will see them.

Once a dementia patient gets to the point where they are no longer able to care for themselves or perform “Activities of Daily Living”, a family member or caregiver may need to begin providing part or full-time care. They could still live at home but would likely need a caregiver present for most or all of the time.

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