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How to Get Your Elderly Loved One Back on a Good Sleep Schedule


Senior Care in Tempe AZ: How to Get Your Elderly Loved One Back on a Good Sleep Schedule

Sleep can be a tricky thing. If your loved one isn’t getting enough, she might be cranky or even have physical symptoms like headaches. Too much sleep can be just as bad, though. Getting into a happy medium can often mean sticking to a schedule.

Give up Sleeping In

Sleeping in can feel like a good way for your elderly loved one to catch up on her sleep when she’s been having trouble, but what it really encourages is for your loved one to get farther off schedule. Instead, give up on trying to make up any lost sleep. It will be worth it in the long run.

Use Naps Wisely

Sometimes people think that they have to give up naps entirely if they’re getting onto a solid sleep schedule. The problem is that naps can have a beneficial impact, even on a good sleep schedule. Instead of trying to use naps to make up lost sleep, use them as a way for your loved one to rest for 20 minutes or so during the day. Using them wisely can help your loved one stay refreshed.

Set a Firm Wake up Time and Bed Time

Since your loved one is no longer using naps and sleeping in to make up lost sleep, how is she going to get the sleep she needs? Setting a firm wake up time and bed time are the answer. Having these in place lets your loved one’s body know what to expect. Her body likes to be on a schedule and this is the way to get it there.

Look for Ways to Add Movement

If your loved one isn’t very active during the day, her body might try to get that activity elsewhere, such as being restless when she’s trying to sleep. Adding even a little bit of movement during the day can make a big difference. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about the types and frequency of movement that suit her needs.

Hiring senior care providers who can help your loved one during the day can be a huge help when you have to be elsewhere and your loved one is getting back on a schedule.

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