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Common Excuses Seniors Use to Avoid Taking Their Medication

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As we age, more and more medications are prescribed to help us live a healthy life. This could come in the form of high blood pressure medications or prescriptions for heart conditions. However, most seniors are not only taking medications prescribed by their doctors, but are also consuming over-the-counter supplements and multi-vitamins.Senior-Care-in-Phoenix-AZ

If your elderly parent is not taking medications like they are supposed to, they could be putting their health at risk for serious complications or a worsened medical condition. Older adults who refuse to take their medications probably have their own reason for being reluctant to do so. In order to help the elder take their appropriate dosage of medication at the right times, it may help to know what some of the most commonly used excuses are.


Common Excuses for not Taking Medication

  • They forgot. Your loved one could simply be forgetting to take the drugs prescribed by their doctor. In order to ensure that your loved one remembers to take their prescriptions, a home care provider can help. This professional caregiver can remind the senior every day to take their medication at the right time.
  • They do not think it is working. Another common excuse is that the elder does not think their prescription is working. In this case, you may need to sit your loved one down and explain exactly why the medication is important and how it is helping their bodies and/or minds.
  • The medication has unpleasant side effects. The side effects of some prescriptions may cause the senior to feel miserable, making them want to stop taking it. Some of these side effects could be dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, or loss of appetite. Discuss the side effects with your loved one’s doctor in order to find out if there is a different medication they can take instead.
  • It is too expensive. Some seniors may feel like they are paying too much for their prescriptions. There may be insurance plans available for the elder that will cover their expensive medications. Help them research different plans to find one that is right for them and their budget.
  • They went this long without needing medication, so there is no reason they should have to take it now. This could not be further from the truth. Since the body of seniors is constantly changing, causing their immune systems to become weaker and more susceptible to developing illnesses or diseases, now is the perfect time to begin their prescriptions. It will help reduce their chances of getting hospitalized due to health complications.


Medications are very important for the health of elderly adults. If your loved one is refusing to take them, find out why. Then, explain to them how important the prescriptions are for their overall health.


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