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5 Tips for Healthy Eyes in Elders

Senior Care in Mesa AZ

Vision problems are a serious problem for older adults, especially glaucoma. While some conditions may cause mild eyesight impairment, others could result in total blindness if it is not managed Senior-Care-in-Mesa-AZproperly. The first step to preventing vision issues from becoming a big problem for your elderly parent is to make sure they are getting annual eye exams. These five tips will also help your loved one maintain their eyesight for years to come.

  1. Exercise. When we exercise, our bodies get an increase in blood flow and oxygen to various areas of the body, the eyes included. This fact also holds true for elders. Not only can being physically active improve your loved one’s eye health, but it can also help them maintain a healthy weight, prevent a wide range of health conditions from developing (such as diabetes), and improve their overall health.
  2. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is important in order for our eyes to have a chance to clean themselves. While we sleep, our eyes are able to clear out any dust, smoke, allergens, or other irritants that have built up throughout the day. Research has also been conducted that found that light-sensitive cells that are in the eye are necessary to keep our wake-up cycles regular. When the elder is not sleeping enough, these cells will not be able to do their job.
  3. Manage all health conditions. Some health conditions can affect your loved one’s vision if it is not taken care of, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Encourage your aging parent to get regular checkups from their doctor, are eating healthy meals and snacks, and are exercising in order to keep their body healthy, no matter what kind of condition they may be coping with.
  4. Stay safe. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, about half of all eye-related injuries happen at home. These injuries could happen while your loved one is working on a home improvement project or by falling. Ensuring that your loved one is safe in their home is important in order to help reduce the amount of falls they endure. You can help by installing a grab bar in the bathroom, placing skid-resistant mats in the bathrooms, and removing loose rugs and carpet they could trip on. For extra security, a senior care provider can be hired to make sure the elder is safe in and outside their home.
  5. Low vision. If the elder has low vision, it could be extremely difficult for them to do simple tasks. Their vision will appear hazy or blurry and may even cause blindness at night. Check with their doctor to see if this is a condition your parent has and ways to help.


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