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Are You Still Trying to Do it All?

Senior Care in Gilbert AZ

Family caregivers often reach a state of exhaustion because they’re trying to be and do everything that they can in order to care for their loved ones. While this can be admirable on one level, it’s not in your best interests or in the best interests of your elderly loved one. You have to acknowledge that you can’t go it alone.Senior-Care-in-Gilbert-AZ

Perfection Isn’t Attainable

If you still find yourself trying to get everything in your loved one’s life “perfect,” it’s time to stop putting unattainable goals in front of yourself. Your standards don’t have to be ideal in order to give your elderly loved one the best care that you can. You have to look at what is realistic rather than what would be perfect in any given situation.

You Don’t Have to Do Everything Personally

Another trap that often leads to guilt for family caregivers is the belief that they have to do everything for their elderly loved one themselves or it “doesn’t count.” That belief is crippling for caregivers because there’s no way that you can do everything on your own. You have to rely on others, whether those people are your loved one’s medical team, other family members, or even senior care providers.

You Have to Be Your Own Advocate

Being a family caregiver is hard work. You have to have the big picture in mind constantly in order to make the right decisions and that can mean you standing up for yourself as well. If you’re constantly feeling guilty about wrongs that aren’t even truly wrong, you’re not going to be the best advocate you can be for yourself or for your elderly loved one.

Everyone Has Limitations

Try as you might, you only have so many resources and so much time. In other words, you have limitations in which you have to work. Accepting those limitations means that you won’t wind up berating yourself when you inevitably reach those limits. You’ll do so instead with a feeling of peace because you know that you’ve truly done everything that is within your power to do. And that’s enough.

When you find yourself feeling guilt wash over you, stop and take a step back to evaluate why you’re feeling that way.

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