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May 7 – 13 is National Pet Week: Does Your Parent’s Pet Need a Check-Up?

Caregivers in Gilbert AZ: May 7 – 13 is National Pet Week: Does Your Parent’s Pet Need a Check-Up?

Caregivers in Gilbert AZ: May 7 – 13 is National Pet Week: Does Your Parent’s Pet Need a Check-Up?

Your parent’s pet is an important source of companionship and love. Though they can’t talk back, pets give seniors someone to talk to and lavish attention on. Pets can give seniors a sense of purpose and a reason to take better care of themselves so that they can also care for the pets they love. In general, seniors with pets are less lonely, visit the doctor 21% less, make friends more easily, and stay more active than seniors without pets.

May 7 – 13 is National Pet Week, a week that focuses on taking better care of animal companions. Sometimes pet owners skip check-ups for their pets because the pet is healthy, they forget, or they cannot afford veterinary care. However, check-ups are just as important for your pet as they are for your parent. If it has been a while since your parent’s pet has seen a veterinarian, now may be the time to schedule a check-up.

Why are veterinary check-ups important?

Seeing a veterinarian on a regular basis can help detect conditions and diseases when they are still in early stages and respond better to treatments. When problems are caught early, they may also cost less to treat because there are fewer complications. There are also several preventative measures that veterinarians can take to keep your parent’s pet from getting serious diseases, such as vaccinations and flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

How often should pets go to the vet?

How often your parent’s pet needs a check-up depends on the kind of pet, its breed, and its age. For dogs and cats, veterinarians generally recommend that adult animals see a vet once per year. Once the vet reaches its senior years, they may need to see the vet twice a year to watch for age-related problems. Puppies and kittens need to see the vet more often during the first year of life to receive a series of vaccinations.

Why are vaccines important?

Pets are vaccinated for many diseases that can be life-threatening. Though vaccinations don’t guarantee complete protection for diseases, experts do agree that pet vaccinations save lives. Certain vaccines protect pets against conditions that can be passed between animals and from animals to humans. Vaccinations can also save your parent money since the conditions are often costly to treat. Some vaccinations, such as rabies, are also required by law.

How can caregivers help keep pets healthy?

Your parent’s caregiver can help your parent keep their pet healthy by helping to schedule veterinary appointments, reminding your parent of appointments, and driving them and their pet to the vet. Caregivers can also help your parent care for the pet by assisting them with things like feeding and brushing. If your parent has a dog, your caregiver can also help your parent take the dog for a walk.

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