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How Can You Keep Your Elderly Loved One Safe Behind the Wheel?

Elderly Care in Sun Lakes AZ

One of the biggest concerns that many family caregivers have is how to keep their elderly loved ones safe while they’re driving. Assuming that your loved one hasn’t lost her privilege to drive, there are some things that you can do to help her to remain safe as a driver.Elderly-Care-in-Sun-Lakes-AZ

Keep Her Car Maintained

The safer your loved one’s car is in general, the safer she’ll be from mechanical issues. Get the oil changed regularly and make sure that the car hits all of its scheduled service appointments. Check the tires and make sure that your loved one has a roadside assistance plan in case she runs into any issues while she’s out and about.

Talk to Her about Limitations She Might Need Regarding Driving

Your loved one may have specific issues, such as problems with seeing well at night, which can make driving difficult. She may be willing to compromise by creating specific limitations that can help you both to feel more comfortable. You may also want to restrict her driving to specific routes or weather conditions. If you keep your loved one involved in the decision-making process rather than dictating to her, she’s likely to be more cooperative about the topic.

Revisit Her Driving Skills Regularly

As your loved one grows older and her health changes, her skills and abilities regarding driving can change significantly. It’s a good idea to regularly revisit your loved one’s driving abilities. You can do this with periodic “ride alongs” in which you observe her driving yourself or you can hire an independent driving evaluator. Some Departments of Motor Vehicles will also do independent evaluations, so be sure to inquire.

Keep Alternative Transportation Available

If there are periodic times when your loved one just isn’t confident driving, it’s a good idea to have alternative transportation options available for her. Other family members may be available, for example, or you may be able to hire elderly care providers to help during those times. Having another option may make your loved one a little more cooperative about the idea of avoiding driving when she’s really not able to.

Consider defensive driving courses for your elderly loved one, too.

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