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How Frequently Should Your Parent Bathe?

Elder Care in Tempe AZ

Stepping into the role of being a family caregiver means that you must begin evaluating your parent’s needs, challenges, and limitations and creating a course of care and management that is rightElder-Care-in-Tempe-AZ for them. Sometimes you may struggle to determine what is actually right for them in terms of their health and wellbeing. One of these issues is how frequently your parent should bathe. It is a cultural norm for people to bathe or shower daily, but that might not actually be the best thing for your elderly parent. Instead, it may be a better option for you to encourage them to bathe every other day or even every third day.


Some reason that bathing every day may not be the best option for your aging parent include:

  • Dry skin. Elderly adults tend to have skin that is drier and more vulnerable than younger skin. Overexposure to water, particularly hot water, and soap can remove natural oils from the skin, further drying it out and making it even more vulnerable to cracking, tearing, and other problems, making your parent at risk of infection.
  • Hair health. Just as showering removes natural oils from the skin, it also removes these oils from their hair, causing it to dry out. This also impacts their scalp, causing it to dry out and become vulnerable to issues such as dandruff, dry skin, and itching.
  • Increased fall risk. The bathroom is one of the leading locations for falls, especially for elderly adults. If your aging parent suffers from mobility, balance, or other such issues, every time that they get in or out of the bath or shower they are at further risk of an accident. Limiting the frequency with which they bathe can help them to stay safer, reducing falls and protecting them from potentially serious injuries that could further compromise their mobility, activity, and health.


It is important to keep in mind that even if your parent is not bathing daily, they should still maintain proper hygiene. Sponge baths should be used to keep sensitive areas of the body clean daily. This is especially important if your parent suffers from issues such as incontinence that could cause further hygiene issues for them, as well as any time when they may sweat more, such as when they are active.

If you are facing challenges when it comes to your aging parent bathing, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. There are many reasons why aging adults may resist bathing or may experience difficulties with bathing. An elderly home care services provider can help your parent to address these particular issues so that they can bathe more efficiently, comfortably, and safely. This can also mean that you can experience less stress and anxiety related to your own care efforts. Helping your parent to manage to fill this care task allows you to step back from this potentially sensitive, uncomfortable task and focus your energy and attention on the other tasks of your care journey.


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