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Keeping Your Parent Healthy and Motivated During National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week

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If you are like many family caregivers, the New Year holiday has brought resolutions of losing weight and getting healthier, both for you and for your aging parent. This is a common resolution and a fantastic way to prepare you to make the most of the new year ahead of you. While the new year is a great time for you to get started on efforts to lose weight and get healthier, this can mean Elder-Care-in-Peoria-AZchallenging changes for your senior. Encouraging and supporting them throughout this experience is the best way to help them achieve their goals and really make the most of their efforts.

January 1 through 8 is National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week. This is the perfect time for you to get motivated and work with your parent to get a good start on your efforts.


Use these tips to keep your aging parent healthy and motivated during National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week and throughout the rest of the new year:

  • Set clear goals together. A resolution of “lose weight” is too vague and broad to really act as a motivator. It can seem overwhelming and there is little to structure your efforts when you do not know how well you are doing. It is important for your goals to be clear, straightforward, and approachable. Break down large goals into smaller, more attainable goals so that your parent can both monitor their progress and get the boost of achieving each of these goals as they move forward in their efforts. Depending on how much weight your loved one needs to lose, setting 5-pound intervals is enough to present a challenge while also remaining attainable.
  • Talk to their doctor. If your aging parent needs to lose a considerable amount of weight or is suffering from other health complications and issues, it is important to talk to their doctor about it. Losing weight can be demanding on the body and it is important that your loved one not only lose weight at a safe pace, but use safe and healthy techniques related to their health challenges. This doctor can give you recommendations for dietary approaches and exercise that are right for your parent and help you to know how to monitor their well-being throughout your journey.
  • Celebrate victories. Every little step that your parent and you take in your weight loss journey is a step forward, and each of these victories deserves celebration. Keep your loved one motivated by planning celebrations and rewards for each of the milestones that you achieve. Avoid food-related rewards, as these could be counterproductive to the efforts that you are putting forth to change the way your parent and you think about food and use it in your daily lives. Choose rewards that are enjoyable and that you can experience together. For example, consider going to a beauty salon or spa for a treatment when you reach a certain milestone, or purchasing new clothes. These little rewards validate your efforts and keep both of you moving forward.


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