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Learning to Care for a Parent who was Diagnosed with Dementia

Elder Care in Glendale AZ

Watching a parent suffer from dementia can be very difficult. The person that used to care for you as a child is now the one in need of the care. Even mild cognitive impairments can dramatically Elder-Care-in-Glendale-AZchange your loved one’s memory, causing them to forget even the most familiar faces and places.

Alzheimer’s disease is a common illness, affecting 5.3 million people in America, 5.1 million of which are over the age of 65. As their condition gets worse, being the caregiver of someone with this disease will be a full-time job. Many family members with seniors who have this condition rely on the assistance of an elder care provider to help watch over their loved one and provide assistance with the tasks the elder is no longer able to do. However, if you would like to be involved in the care of your elderly parent, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Becoming the Caregiver of a Senior with Dementia

  • Look at your own career. Knowing that your loved one will eventually need supervision 24 hours a day, you will need to determine how this role will affect your career. Expect to cut back on hours to provide the care your loved one will need. There may be some caregiving benefits available through the company you are employed by, including the option to work from home part-time.
  • Think about the future. Think about what responsibilities you will have in the future. Will it take away from time with your own family? Will you have to learn new skills to keep up with the changing needs of the senior? Will there be an increased amount of expenses you will have, including childcare and supplies. Think about how this role will affect your future and whether or not these are changes you want to make.
  • Talk to the kids. Talk to your children about your parent’s condition and how much time you will need to spend with them. If they are old enough, have your kids help with the chores in your own home in order to take some of that burden off of your shoulders. Your children can also get involved by taking your aging parent for a walk or just talking to them.
  • Check the elder’s finances. Being able to make decisions as their condition gets worse will become increasingly challenging. Take a look at their financial statements, what bills they have, and any additional expenses or income they have. You may want to meet with a financial planner to find how your loved one’s money should be invested for their future.

These tips will help you provide the care your loved one needs, while also taking your own responsibilities in consideration. If becoming their caregiver is not possible for you, think about hiring a home care provider to give the elder the help and companionship they need.

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