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Being a Responsible Pet Owner is Important at any Age

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A lot of seniors have pets. The companionship is important to them, especially if they live alone. But there are things that must be done in order to be a responsible pet owner; and seniors have Caregiver-in-Phoenix-AZspecial considerations, given their age and possible health conditions.

First, it’s a law in most places throughout the U.S. that dogs and cats be licensed. Beyond that, you may want to help your aging parent see that their pet wears a collar with an ID tag on it, containing the pet’s name and a phone number (preferably a mobile number) where someone can be reached if the pet goes missing. Microchipping a pet, and registering that chip, is also a good idea, in case the pet slips out of its collar.

Next, make sure the pet is vaccinated against rabies and has an annual health exam. That ensures that the pet is healthy, while at the same time makes sure it doesn’t have something that could be passed on to your parent. If getting to a vet is difficult for your parent, there are some vets who will make house calls. It’s rare, but worth asking about.

As their family caregiver, you’ll want to discuss these things with your parent and help plan for the future.

  • The pet might outlive your parent. Make sure the pet is provided for in your parent’s will or trust. You may want to discuss this with an attorney who specializes in elder law, or your local animal shelter to see the options available and the best way to protect the pet should something happen.
  • If your parent is hospitalized, especially unexpectedly, arrangements should be in place to feed, water, exercise and let the pet out in your parent’s absence. If you or another relative or friend aren’t able to do this, there are pet sitting services available if a lot of places, especially larger communities.  The same is true in the event your parent should become ill or incapacitated. Arrangements will have to be made to properly care for the pet for the duration. If looking for a pet-sitter, you can look in the Yellow Pages or online. You can also search online through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, or Pet Sitters International. Pet sitters can feed, walk and give medications to a pet; some even have experience in pet first aid, or work as a vet tech, so they can detect health issues that have begun or give shots if the pet regularly needs them. Make sure the sitter is insured and/or bonded, and if required by your loved one’s municipality, insured.

With a little forethought, and talking to your parent about their pet, you can help ensure it is taken care of no matter what happens and your parent is being the most responsible pet owner they can be.


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