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Posts by Aaron Sinykin, MBA, CEO

What is Fibromyalgia?

Home Care Services Gilbert AZ-Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal condition. This means that is affects both the bones and the muscles, just as osteoporosis does. It affects the entire body, and leads to joint, muscle and bone pain that can be extremely difficult to live with.

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September Caregiver of the Month

Home Care Services Phoenix AZ – September Caregiver of the Month — Paula
She has been with Devoted Guardians since 4/21/2016. She has been a truly devoted Caregiver and has been with the same client since she started with us and even moved to be closer to her client.

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Pressure Sores and How to Prevent Them

Home Care in Phoenix AZ: Pressure sores are a common problem for seniors who spend the majority of their time in a bed or a wheelchair. You may have also heard them called “bedsores.” If your parent is wheelchair or bed bound, knowing what to watch for and how to care for pressure sores can prevent sores from becoming a serious problem.

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